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My computer won't recognize/can't find my Magic Wand.

Make sure 1) Your wand is turned on. 2) You have a microSD card inserted in the Magic Wand.  Go to "My Computer" and look for a removable disk drive.

How do I delete images from my Magic Wand?

Images are stored on the micro sd card you inserted into the wand.  Connect your magic wand to your PC or Mac and it should be recognized as a removable disk or drive.  From there you open the wand and you will see a folder called DCIM. Inside that will be a folder called 100Media that contains your scans. You can delete from there.

I can't get the micro sd card to stay in the wand.

Make sure the card is facing upside down. Push a little harder until you hear a click. The card must be fully inserted for the wand to scan.

My Magic Wand died. How do I replace the batteries? Where are they?

The batteries are located under the piece that says "Magic Wand" on it.  Just slide it to the right.  Voila! 2 AA batteries.

Help! I can't get the battery cover to move.

Try pushing a little hard sideways.  It should come off with a little pressure.

I'm trying to convert my PDF/JPG to text. How do I do that?

Install the included ABBYY OCR Software, open it and press the "?".  Follow the directions to proceed.

I can't find my manual. Can you send me a copy?

No need!  Just click here:  Instruction Manuals

How do I calibrate my Magic Wand?

Recalibrating varies with each model.  Please see our instruction manual page and choose your model.  The manual will explain the recalibration process.

I sometimes get an image that is reversed, like a mirror image.  Why?

This happens when you lift the wand before finishing a scan.  Make sure you press the SCAN button a second time before you pick the wand up.

If you are having a problem with the wand that's not listed here, please go to the instruction manual page or email us at support@vupoint-magic-wand.com.

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